Lead Agile Scrum Master for Global Enterprise Programs


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If you have the competences and experience of managing and leading large international or global, complex infrastructure or software program initiatives’ Agile Center of Excellence and continuous improvement programs, then you could find new and interesting challenges in our team and with our enterprise clients.

Assignment Profile

The Senior Agile Scrum Master typical profile: 

  • Exhibits Lean-Agile leadership – Exhibits the behaviors of a Lean-Agile Leader with a Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Helps the team embrace Agile Core Values, adopt, and apply Agile Principles, implement Agile practices
  • Supports the team rules – These may include the rules of Scrum, Built-In Quality practices from Extreme Programming (XP), Work in Process (WIP) limits from Kanban, and any other process rules the team has agreed
  • Facilitates the team’s progress toward team goals – The Scrum Master is trained as a team facilitator and is continuously engaged in challenging the old norms of development to improve performance in the areas of quality, predictability, flow, and velocity. They help the team focus on creating increments of value each iteration and achieving daily and Iteration Goals in the context of the current Program Increment (PI) Objectives
  • Leads team efforts in relentless improvement – Helps the team improve and take responsibility for their actions; facilitates the team retrospective
  • Teaches problem-solving techniques and helps the team become better problem-solvers for themselves
  • Facilitates events – Facilitates team events, including (where applicable) the Daily Stand-up, Iteration Planning, Iteration Review, and Iteration Retrospective ensures they are productive and kept within the timebox
  • Supports the Product Owner – The Scrum Master helps the Product Owner in their efforts to manage the backlog and guide the team while facilitating a healthy team dynamic with respect to priorities and scope
  • Facilitates the removal of impediments – Many blocking issues will be beyond the team’s authority or may require support from other teams. The Scrum Master supports the team in addressing and eliminating these issues to improve the likelihood of achieving the objectives of the Iteration
  • Promotes Agile quality practices – guide teams to constantly improve the quality of their deliverables and meeting the Definition of Done (DoD)
  • Builds a high-performing team – Focuses on ever-improving team dynamics and performance, and coaches the team in self-management
  • Helps the team resolve interpersonal conflicts and challenges and identify opportunities for growth
  • Enables organizational effectiveness – The Scrum Master works with other Scrum Masters and stakeholders to help the team contribute towards improving the overall development Value Stream
  • Facilitates preparation and readiness for ART (Agile Release Train that facilitates Product Increments delivery) events – Assists the team in preparation for ART activities, including PI Planning, System Demos, and the Inspect and Adapt
  • Supports estimating story points / work effort and complexity required based on the historical team velocity – Guides the team in establishing normalized estimates and helps the team understand how to estimate Features and Capabilities

Company Profile

We offer a broad range of opportunities within the Scaled Agile universe of enterprise programs with global perspective and a balanced approach to travel and on-site/off-site presence.

You will belong to a team of highly skilled and professional Program increment owners, product owners, scrum master’s ant developer teams and service one or more of our enterprise clients, leading and managing program initiatives together with a global team of internal and external team members.

You will have access to our C-SAFe model consisting of Customized Scaled Agile processes, Scaled Agile software and highly competent PI’s, PO’s, Solution Architects and DevSecOps teams, to secure high quality, speed, consistency, control, and transparency across the initiatives we manage for our clients.

You will be able to further educate yourself within our C-SAFe model and framework, and you step on to a certification roadmap that will increase your skills and market value as you succeed level by level.

Your Profile

You have been working with complex enterprise level programs and Agile teams for more than 6 years managing teams and assignments successfully and delivering program increments and program benefits to the satisfaction of your clients.

You have a commercial and/or engineering and/or managerial background and you have taken additional training and education as a Agile Practitioner eg. SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, SAFe Lean Portfolio Management, Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master, Agile Hybrid Project Pro or similar level of certification as well as Lean Six Sigma or similar, to strengthen your profile and improve your Agile management toolbox.

You have a consultative approach to problem analysis and solution design, and you can manage the project lifecycle professionally and structured from start to end.

You have extensive experience managing Agile Centers of Excellence, Agile On-Boarding and education, Agile implementation and continuous improvement and Agile Transformation initiatives in complex enterprise level initiatives across geographies and cultures.

Further you ideally have comprehensive insight into one or more of the following enterprise processes: Quote to order, Order to cash, within manufacturing sector, energy sector or public sector experience.

About us

SYMBIOTIQ is an Exclusive Executive Program and Project consulting company, focusing on reliability, trust, quality, and sustainability in our client engagements.

As a company and as a team we strive to develop our approaches, educate our employees, and provide superior value to our clients by combining highly skilled and motivated senior professionals with proven and well documented approaches and methods using advanced integrated software solutions for project and program management.

SYMBIOTIQ serves clients in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland in a broad range of industries and technologies, focusing on major software solutions such as ERP, BI, AI/RPA, HR, Purchasing, CRM and PMO software solutions.

Along with the solutions we offer our clients a seasoned approach to change management, data driven organizational design and transition and transformation management.


Want to know more?

If you have questions, please contact Henriksen HR, Brian direct +45 3147 8001.

We are continuously onboarding candidates, please send your CV only to info@henriksen-hr.dk


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